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Get a taste of a traditional Italian panzerotto from our mobile food truck in perth Western Australia.

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From Italy to PERTH

Coming from Sicily we grew up with one of the oldest street food known as Panzerotto. Panzerotto is so special that we decided to bring them from our family to yours. Our obsession for Italian food started at an early age. We aim to bring this passion to cater for your Perth event, to create memories for all of your senses. 

Il Panzerotto is a unique mobile italian food truck services business offering street food catering in Perth. We provide affordably priced and delicious Italian cuisine to give you a taste of what our mamma has taught us. Our love for Panzerotto has inspired us to come all the way to Perth West Australia to share this just with you, Perth street food lovers.

Eat the Italian way in Perth

Our #1 priority is creating a culinary experience with good-times at your special Perth event. With our mobile food truck in Perth we can roll down the street all the way to your building, backyard or whatever location you have to bring a taste of Italy to your event guests.


Our Panzerotto comes in a variety of flavours that can be personalised for your private event. You and your friends can come together for a unique tasty Italian food, custom designed for each guest. Sweet, savory, etc. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to offer your guests different cuisine that’s new and unique the Italian way. 

Perth Street Market & Catering Menu

Panzerotti are so Italian that you can’t find anything alike. With just a few simple ingredients you have a delight for the palate that will transform eating into a memorable experience.

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Introducing @panzerottoitalianstreetfood ! They make a beautiful traditional Italian street food from Puglia (south of Italy) called a Panzerotto, a crunchy pastry deep fried with the filling of your choosing. The Della Nonna is the classic go to. Highly recommended! They even have vegan options! Now this one has been a hot favourite of ours since we came across it at the @scarborough_sunset_markets. We even had Gaetano out to cater for one of our events in November 2022. Fantastic guy, very hospitable. We visit their insta to see where they will be next and have a panzerotto at least once a fortnight. Everything in moderation just doesn't apply to this mob.
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