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This traditional Italian street food comes from South of Italy (Puglia) and is a crunchy pastry with soft insides, making it a unique taste experience. We like to keep it simple and versatile at the same time by offering 13 different combinations of Panzerotto, including vegan and spectacular sweet options.


A panzerotto is often mistaken as a calzone. While calzones are baked and usually filled with tomato sauce as used on pizzas, panzerotti are deep fried, making them a crispy & culinary experience that is just hard to resist. An Italian street food revolution you shouldn’t miss.

Savoury Menu

Mr Ham

Ham, cheese

Ham and mozzarella panzerotti street food Perth.

Mr Sausages

Italian sausages, mozzarella, black pepper, ricotta cheese

Italian sausages and Italian cheese panzerotti street food made in Perth.

The Loaded

Pulled beef, gravy, mozzarella

Beef panzerotti street food Perth.

Mr Meat lovers

Italian sausages, ham, salami, mozzarella, ricotta cheese

What is inside meat lovers panzerotti made in Perth?

Mr Hawaiian

Ham, pineapple, mozzarella

Hawaiian ham and pineapple panzerotti street food Perth.


Bolognese Sauce, mozzarella

Bolognese sause and mozzarella stuffed panzerotti street food Perth.

Vegetarian Menu

Della Nonna

Tomato, mozzarella, oregano

Delicious Italian street food catering Perth.

Miss Vegetarian

Pumpkin, mozzarella, feta, baby spinach

Vegaterian panzeroti street food Perth.

The Vegan

Pumpkin, vegan mozzarella, baby spinach

Vegan street food Perth

Sweet Menu

Mrs Nutella

Nutella, banana, cinnamon, icing sugar

Sweet panzerotti street food Perth.

Mrs Apple

Apple, custard, sultana, cinnamon, icing sugar

Apple custard panzerotti street food Perth.

Mr Mars

Mars bar, Nutella, cinnamon, icing sugar

Nutella and Mars bar filled chocolate panzerotti street food Perth.

Mrs Tim TaM

Nutella, Tim Tam, cinnamon, icing sugar

Chocolate pinzerotti street food made in Perth.

A panzerotto made for you

Our street food catering menu offers variety and flexibility so that we can please everyone with just the right Panzerotto. If not, we are happy to create personalised Panzerotti for your special event. And the food is just the beginning. Service is just as important to us and being a bunch of Italians, we know how to combine food & laughter in one.